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Monitor Archive for December 9, 1999

EU readies for wars without US
The continent's great promise
Virtually accessible
News In Brief
You've got access
News In Brief
Not all Web sites are equal
News In Brief
News you can use from the little guys
Words of note
'Yard art' is not for the faint of heart
From underwater to outerspace
New scholarship brings ancient subjects to light
Patients' bill of rights
The Internet as war's newest battlefield
Today's Story Line
A new life after death
Unions use Seattle success to sway Gore
Getting younger Americans to vote
The US productivity revolution
Thinking inside the box
News In Brief
US urges Congo combatants to abide by peace pact
Sky high view of a huge flood
Staring at women from all walks of life
Answer to global public
Nature caught for an instant
Russia, China cozy up vs. West
Iran power struggle ignites new round of flag burning
A More Accessible Internet
Everything old is new again for kids
Running on a message of integrity
KKK comes to town - on highway signs
Eyes of great beholders
What's New
Ramadan - Islam's holy month - to start today
An island of nostalgic color
They may wear uniforms, but they're still individuals
Responding to Sprawl
Stop punishing the homeless
Climb every mountain, then write about it
Daredevil Betty Skelton