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Monitor Archive for December 8, 1999

Case of Cuban boy may test US custody law
Playthings worth unwrapping
Lenin and globalization
Big, bold blooms
Reconciling histories
Useful resources for toy hunters
What kids can do
Send the Cuban Boy Home
Marriage makes men happier
With Beef Wellington, racing goes upscale
News In Brief
My friends' gift bestows peace
News In Brief
Islamic extremists stifle dialogue in S. Africa
Today's Story Line:
Put your party on the Internet
Cross-border tensions mount over bullfighting
To be thought of when lifting the latch
New genes meet a wary market
Preparing to break the violent cycle in Kosovo
Yesterday's stocking stuffers - coal or oranges?
If you want birds to bathe in your yard, here's what you need to do
Strides in the cause of debt relief
Kitchen kids stir things up
News In Brief
'Jaws': the new cause of the seas
The wealth I'll keep, and share
Reminder from Mars: This is rocket science
Perfect Crme Brle
Japanese 'squid jockey'
Pump Shock and SUVs
Favorite toys of the 20th century
First snow
Purchase postage online
Your influence
News In Brief
Shades of meaning
Changing attitudes about drinking
A few plums from this year's crop of cookbooks