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Monitor Archive for December 29, 1999

Where America stands among world empires
Out of addiction, into a new life
Richard J. Cattani
Keep silver shining
Saddam outlasts the UN
Tools to get you started
Heresy in Beijing
World Peace Bell rings in 2000
Gambling's rise splits Southern communities
News In Brief
The suitcase test we never would have passed
News In Brief
Nannies are sittin' pretty this New Year's Eve
Today's Story Line:
Easy returns
Online pharmacies draw federal scrutiny
Securing streets as calendar flips
Confident Cypriots scramble to invest at home
Where has all the hardwood gone?
Painting over a Formica countertop isn't the way to go
Time for Haitians to fix Haiti
Plane Folk
News In Brief
The little euro that could
Surviving a shared danger, Europeans pull together
Having a ball
Russia cranks up arms production, sales
Remnants of yesteryear's quilting bees
What the cooks are cooking
New sound on the sands
America the Dominant
Words of Note
Keep the kick in your cinnamon stick
Celebrate ... forgive
News In Brief
When the first ball fell
A plea against perfume
While Mandela's away, garden designers play