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Monitor Archive for December 17, 1999

News In Brief
Ostrich plumes a Y2K must!
'Topsy-Turvy' is true to a legendary team
Today's Story Line
Whats on TV
Where have all the protests gone?
Monitor Quiz
Sun sets on Portugal's empire
Tango between Social Security and defense
For author of 'Odd Couple,' the play's the thing
Frosty the Sandman
Culture vultures - rev up those jets
TV specials see the big picture
'Magnolia' doesn't reach full bloom
A sweet title game, and the best of the rest
Plumbing a long and distinguished career
Religion on the Hustings
A boy, the law, common sense
El presidente as pop star in fatigues
A Global Arts Celebration
News In Brief
Y2K challenges artists to shine
News In Brief
News In Brief
Fix for boring bowls? Make 'em real playoffs
Grandma Lane had Christmas in the bag
Impeachment's big impact? The 2000 election
The Monitor Movie Guide
Oscar-winner breaks the mold
A bizarre press conference mirrors an enigmatic real life
Count your blessings
Chechnya and the Duma vote
Expatriates: a key to bailing out Kosovo
Elian's future, through the eyes of his peers
In California, a battle over gay marriages
Mild king, spunky mouse head family pack
Preschool for all: Has time come?
By the light of the moon