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Monitor Archive for December 16, 1999

Backlash against urban sprawl broadens
Training doctors to heed patients' spiritual histories
Skepticism on Syria-Israel talks
News In Brief
The Funnies Without Snoopy?
News In Brief
Corporate Do-Gooders
News In Brief
A place to pray
A most unforgettable meal
General brings new style to boot camp
The changing nature of science, theology, and medicine
See through the mask
Europe puts mute on kid ads
Today's Story Line:
'Peanuts': oasis of optimism in a jaded time
What Mideast peace talks mean for the US
The ascent of maverick politics
Blessings on the road less traveled
News In Brief
Tutsi rulers try their hand at social engineering
The ascent of woman
Globalization myths
Ten major religious events in the West
To be alone with one's God
What makes it a mile, plus a 'Dixie' theory
Why Grozny's fall won't end war
Moderation in the media: Japan's press heeds call
Driven away from Chechnya's turmoil
Great works of Western literature infused with a religious view of the
Subway standoff shows workers' rising fortunes
Holy wars -they're back
A McCain-Bradley Handshake
Idea-men vs. triangulators
The Bible's place, not its essence, has changed
Artist Christo