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Monitor Archive for December 15, 1999

Four turtledoves, three French hens, and still counting
Gentler judgments
News In Brief
Sudan may divert from Islamic path after coup
Things that remain
'Abstinence only' is taught in 1 in 3 schools
Commuting - a round trip to nowhere
All shops want for Christmas: workers
Kids software that delights and educates
Fresh start or shameful retreat on South Asia?
To avoid cookies that could pass for hockey pucks, watch the type of
Desertification: forgotten threat
Mental and Physical Health
Buckle up Rover in the car
World 'choke points' are moving from sea to air
News In Brief
The Christmas bells we rang were on doors
News In Brief
Israel plans to give up land ...
Today's Story Line:
A 20th century portrait of US - by the numbers
What a salt bath can do for your turkey
Can lawsuits really trigger gun control?
The Final Word
Syria and Israel start historic talks
How little boy riles Castro
The future of French markets
News In Brief
Poor Venezuelans sold on change
Of soup, Big Sur, and starting over
... and Syria wants all the Golan
Pen conveys words of the heart
Probing lost Mars missions to learn what went wrong
Going nuts over pralines
Gifts for gardeners
Yawns Aside, Voters Do Care
Walk, before Christmas