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Monitor Archive for December 1, 1999

South Pacific battles for Y2K bragging rights
With color, throw caution to the wind
Over to you, Mr. Adams
Boom time or bad time?
Why glaze should be part of your repertoire
Changin' Times - and Lines
'Tis the season to shop
At Seattle trade extravaganza, real pageantry is in the streets
News In Brief
A grand announcement, and a lesson in humility
News In Brief
Belfast's peace hard to export
Today's Story Line:
Festival of Lights
Court weighs federal aid to religious schools
The post-affirmative-action age
Argentina's 'got milk' and wants to export more of it
Latin market orthodoxy
The pitfalls of tradition
Common Ground
News In Brief
Military under a microscope
I finally reach the other side
Bringing Allah to urban renewal
Marinated Feta with olives, lemon, sesame seeds, and mint
Clinton acts to help new parents take a leave from jobs
When parents behave like children
If you think you don't have enough light to grow great houseplants,
New Ways to Racial Peace
Words of Note
O Tannenbaum
Beyond crunch time - to God's time
News In Brief
To keep it
Holiday survival
Hors d'oeuvres: Little bites that bite back