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Monitor Archive for November 23, 1999

China's launch for respect
Launching a love for science
Stars go pro, scrambling the college game
News In Brief
News In Brief
A Thanksgiving Quiz
Navigating through Kosovo's chaos
News In Brief
Go west to find NBA title contenders this year
Faith shapes Bauer's visions for the White House
Web Smarts
How do you fare if you're not 19?
A crusade for values
Today's Story Line
French stretch law to fit post-modern mores
Tri-state effort to grab economic brass ring
Confessions of a college grad
Loose ends in Kosovo vex the US
Kids dig history
News In Brief
Lessons on native Americans: Thanksgiving and beyond
Diaper changing at 10 Downing Street
College from the ground up
What's New
Her words count
Adlai: the great one
Sometimes, you don't have to shovel
EU applicants' nuclear hurdles
Prospectors on the trail of pharaohs' gold
A Proclamation
New archaeology and ancient stories
Charges of racial insensitivity beset environmentalists
Teachers take stock of what's in an essay
A start-up president
Before We Eat Turkey
The slippery game of character
Mix work and fun? She does it daily.