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Monitor Archive for October 7, 1999

These speed cops never take a doughnut break
Walk, don't run
The case for US foreign aid
Do US spending caps still matter?
Makers, breakers, and appreciators
News In Brief
Sumo Simulation
Europe struggles to follow a 'Third Way' path
Publishing's black hole: books in translation
What's New
Certain only of ourselves
America's obsession with wealth
Repairing the broken chord of ancestry
A model critic and a model, too
Military clings to political role
Ancient art traffickers rob history for millions
Legal Fender Bender
Blazing a new coastal trail
Choppy seas for Canada after fishing case
Translator as writer
What's in a Web name? Maybe as much as $1 million
Able to leap cynicism in a single bound
Okinawans rev up against US base
The man who brought stars closer
Putting the dancing pigs in their cyber-pen
Keeping Check on Chechnya
Spending welfare-reform surplus
CSM Information
Amerika magazine
New era of doubt over arms deals
You can't judge a shelf by its books
Independents' 1st choice makes booksense
News In Brief
News In Brief
And the world food winner is:
News In Brief
Black Canyon National Park - America's newest jewel
An avalanche of pumpkins
Texas offers insight on health-care quandary
Closing the net on foreign fish
Out of South Africa's pain
A star book as big as the universe
School prayer
A vista for the ages
Today's Story Line:
Big beef over bullfights in Portugal