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Monitor Archive for October 19, 1999

Discos and diplomas lure China's elite
Thoreau-lite: Anthologies leave students with only some snippets
News In Brief
News In Brief
Halloween Fashion Forecast
News In Brief
New Life For An Old River
Calling all young poets...
Last resort for troubled schools: city hall?
Web Smarts
Treasure-trove at the National Archives
'I hate my hair!'
Tense moment in Indonesia's power struggle
Today's Story Line:
Gore tallies 'Clinton effect'
Harry Potter on the outs
New rules for the nuclear age
Focus on Fall
News In Brief
What's New
Slow going on the Syria-Israel peace track
Is college for everyone?
'The War of the Worlds' on a Halloween long ago
Minorities trail academically - income no factor
Unsteady Guatemalan peace
The many faces of American history
Canada and US in drug debate
Foreign owners cut to the quick with Nissan layoffs
Combating Isolationism
Scholarships lure dropouts back to campus
Bitterest foe of fund-raising overhaul draws his sword
Amid the mist, Mets and Braves craft a hardball legend
Urban parents protest 'unrealistic' standards
Russia's risks in new phase of Chechen war
Just Saying No to Gambling
Tallying Clinton's post-impeachment score
If these are high standards, we don't want them