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Monitor Archive for January 8, 1999

NBA sets milestone for reining in sky-high salaries
When the pens of critics sting
Get your manga here
News In Brief
It's Oscar season at the movies
News In Brief
Iran's arrests of intelligence officers may be watershed
News In Brief
For college fans, more than a game
Does it really matter who was the greatest commander of the StarshipEnterprise ?
Of Congress, quahogs, and lapses in logic
Carmakers look back for inspiration
The Monitor Movie Guide
Is the 'new commandment' still new?
New governors pledge to get things done
Today's Story Line:
Grandparents lose ground on visitation rights
Branch after branch
Governors say, 'Hooyah!' then get to work
Bergman's 'Private Confessions'
Senate a better forum for Clinton?
A warm welcome for a tardy winter
News In Brief
Acclaimed writer finds his muse - the movies
What's on TV
Postal rate hike ignores hard facts
How much wood would a woodsman chuck, if a woodsman....
Israel's 'Colin Powell' enters race
Sierra Leone's decade of tumult
Keep NAFTA Rolling - Safely
'Purgatory': a morality tale that wears spurs
Africa tested by ragtag rebels
Where the manga-maniacs go
Why Wall Street continues to defy gravity - and logic
That '70s kids' show ZOOMs back to TV
Canadian Inuit help out their Russian kin
Hollywood stars shine in New York theaters
What a Y2K 10K Dow Means
Clinton: See you in Y2K +1
For Clinton, a kinder, gentler trial defense?