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Monitor Archive for January 5, 1999

Russia's dynamo 'candidate'
Getting kids to stay
Of mice and burgers
Web Smarts
Why this little piggy did not go to market
Heated trials shaped impeachment history
News In Brief
More amazing dog stories
News In Brief
A winterland wonder
Today's Story Line:
Kareem returns to basketball, starting small
Understanding the Islamic calendar's ninth month: Ramadan
A plan for uplift in the depressed Delta
Impeachment's cultural divide
For better and worse, Arab cities try on a Western look
Computer labs are great, but notall students know how to use them
Win-win deal: students learn, town rebuilds
Needed: creative solutions
News In Brief
Mexifilms vs. Mickey Mouse
Tax-Credit Overload
Amazing tales about humans' best friends
New laws of '99 put focus on children
In the land of the Alamo, unions are making a stand
What's New
Humility? Not my problem!
News In Brief
What is Fido trying to tell you? A 'dog language' lesson
Korean Possibilities
Clinton's frigid Christmas party
On the stranger side
Tug of war in Turkey leads to 'Tarzanish'
Who's running (and who's gun-shy) in the 2000 race