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Monitor Archive for January 4, 1999

Narrowing technology's gender gap
A sticky path: Getting organized
Mixing national championships and milkshakes
Internet sitings
Hybrids make the best of two power sources
Keeping track ...
Montanans may put on the brakes, after all
An electric car that's a gas
News In Brief
Mom's infamous version of hide (it) and seek
News In Brief
The thin orange line - preparing for a football war
Today's Story Line:
Trial to test temperate US Senate
Market Monitor
Saddam maneuvers to win Arab sympathy
Want to get organized? Start with your desk.
Will euro create new world order?
Why Brazilians dance on an economic tightrope
Plan to make the most of your time
The net effect on jobs
College bowl results
Dealmaker touts a nice strategy
Helping kids in need - one path to racial healing
News In Brief
Congo: playing the ethnic card
Brazil's 'miracle worker' faces trial by history
A Needed Pay Hike
Beaded and bedazzling
War against terrorism turns to Yemen
Personal Finance Q & A
Can-do Chicagoans cope with a storm for the ages
Asia crisis fades from US radar
How to kick procrastination
Drive a Bargain
Words of Note
1999 financial picture: Looks good for me
A century of climbing
News In Brief
Kitsch and class bump heads in the kitchen
Debt Relief and Progress
Join forces with Iran in the global war against drugs
Plenty of products pleasantly priced