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Monitor Archive for January 27, 1999

Sports come off the sideline, into classrooms
Dog training with an eye toward mutual respect
Australia: 'cultural cringe' and the crown
The dating game
For US, little role in Israeli vote
January - the 'cruelest month' for working parents?
The power of silent words
Olympic Ideals
Commandments of Italian cooking
How Shakespeare lowers teen birth rates in Europe
News In Brief
Seeing to America across the wide, big sea
News In Brief
Walled fortresses no longer
Today's Story Line:
Trial drives wedge into GOP ranks
Y2K online
Coaxing youths into church pews
Alarms ring as Germany moves to unplug nuclear plants
The remedy for thin walls - cellulose accoustical insulation
US can help stop brewing water wars
Communities prepare for Y2K
News In Brief
New chill in US-Russia ties
A bird in hand is well worth it
America's trial, judged by the world
Chicken Chipolte
What impact will be of counting people by numbers
The baggy look bottoms out
Africa: Stay Engaged
Driving in the snow
Be prepared - grow a Y2K garden
No wilderness so desolate
News In Brief
When keeping time was an art
Super Bowl or a baby?
Monitor Calender Wins Award
Chase winter blues with pork and poultry stews
Stewed Pork with Apples and Butternut Squash