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Monitor Archive for January 20, 1999

Strange times for starting life in the Senate
Bread as a status food - it's no wonder
Grandfamilies: When parenting skips a generation
Activists step up war to 'liberate' nature
News In Brief
Digital divide
News In Brief
Rescuing turkeys from the table
News In Brief
Why states are wary of essay contests
Make the most of a home inspection
A place for everything ...
Quiz your day-care provider
What city do you live in?
Lessons from walking to school
Endgame for S. Africa's white teams
Today's Story Line:
Confusion over race-based House seats
Building trust
Sierra Leone: UN policy failure
A tech-linked world faces 'Y2K'
'Mrs. Moe' stars in her own show
News In Brief
As candle sales grow, so do fires
Jordan's popular king gets back to business in Mideast
Japanese kids call for a sympathetic ear
Removing an oil slick from a driveway, and helpful hints from readers
A clearer US-China picture
How it all began
Tallying up the scales and tails
UN's weary squeeze on Iraq
Response in Kosovo
Mothers and daughters bound by books
Revolt of suburbs on growth
Seeking solutions for parenting seniors
Tony Texas town gets a pocket-size crime fighter
Birthday tea party becomes a family affair
A mother's year-long look at child care
ABCs of starting a book club
The (Demographic) State of the Union
The dating game
Time to clean up the Olympics
Ice fishing with talons
Prune and Chocolate Bread