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Monitor Archive for January 14, 1999

A man who transcended his sport
Moses biography looks for 'proof' but misses the man
Duane, Run
The Monitor's Guide to Religion bestsellers
A city shares Jordan's legacy of joy
News In Brief
News In Brief
Picking the best inventions
News In Brief
A Prince and hid palace have their price
Rounding the city on two wheels
An invitation to brush up on manners
Discovery of hidden fall in Tibet is a watery jewel
Eagerness to scorn earns firm reproof
Turn on the light
Saddam finds few friends among Arab leaders
Today's Story Line:
Testing limits on heading west for welfare
Wrapping up the holidays
At last, the facts move to forefront
The itty-bitty bird who ruled our roost
News In Brief
What's New
Britain orders screening of would-be nannies
How did we ever live without them...
The technological warp
Torched churches heat up India
Remembering Latchkey Kids
Looking at us looking at them
Olympic bribery scandal reverberates around world
How ethical is testing pesticides on people, EPA asks
Settling accounts in the aftermath of mass atrocities
Harry Potter swoops into great adventures
A trucker takes to the open road - on foot
Federal Overstepping
Aid is no substitute for good government
Ipana toothpaste