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Monitor Archive for August 7, 1998

As Yangtze Rises, China Must Choose
News In Brief
Movies for Music Lovers
How a 'Soft Money' Ban Would Change Politics
'Snake' Snaps With Style
Despite Regulation, France Embraces US Movies
Sports 101
Canada Stands Up to Hollywood
Carving Up Congo As World Stands By
Can You Spare A Quarter?
The Color of Cultures Fills Her Canvas
The Bike: an Endangered Bit of Americana?
The Monitor Movie Guide
US Pop Culture Envelops Globe (Globe not entirely pleased)
How Baby Joe's Bath Made the Town Come Clean
Moving Toward a Seamless Continent
Youth Gambling, Even at Elementary Level, Spreads Across US
Hall of Fame Exuberance in a Small Package
Fund-Raising Scuffle May Put Reno in Tight Spot
The Butterflies Of Memory, And a Mystery
Young People Seek Meaning in Material World
Forgiving Our Debtors
Rather Than Mass Killing, Serbs Are Forcing Rebels to Care for Refugees
Off Welfare Rolls, Into Real Jobs
Saddam May Leverage Lessons of Last Showdown
A Photo's Message
What's On TV
Onstage or on Camera, Christopher Plummer Shines
Ten Days and Counting
Digital Sets Open New TV Era
Cambodia's Need
Tobacco Talks II