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Monitor Archive for August 24, 1998

A Muslim Sense of Betrayal
Can't Bear a Stock Slump? Look for Value
America's Car Culture Collides With Bans on Drive-Thrus
Right Thing, Odd Time
Elks, Lions May Go Way Of the Dodo
New Evidence of Affirmative Action's Effectiveness
Oklahoma in Grip of New Dust Bowl
Bear Market in Hong Kong Brings Desperate Measures
New Ways To Bond With Uncle Sam
The Right to Be Spiritually-Minded
Arabs Relate to Tit for Tat, but Doubt US Motive
Flap Over Treating Heroin Addiction
Russia to Clinton: Bring Your Wallet
New Rules in New Kind of War
'War' Against Terrorism
From Imgaination To Mirage
Bears Dell-t A Blow
Why Pro-American Kenya Doesn't Hail US Airstrikes
Bear Claws - or Bull Pause
Less Loyalty in New American Workplace
Great Scottish Grannies By All Definitions
Morning Cadences Soothe Cuban Patients
Keeping Inheritance In Family
News In Brief
The Other Scandal