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Monitor Archive for August 19, 1998

Prohibition: All About Economics
The Next Two Years
Stalemate in Tobacco Wars After Industry's Summer of Victories
Of Pleas And Purchases
Smaller Houses for Bigger Living
The Remedy for Soiled Stucco, Big Shirts for Big Necks
The President's Credibility Gap
West's Solutions For Russia, Asia Come Under Fire
Where Serious Cooks Shop for Pots
Mideast Faces Coming Changes to Its Old Guard
News In Brief
How the World Reacts to President Clinton's Confession
Ex-Green Beret Links Two Worlds
Just Podding Along
God - Seen Through A Child's Eyes
Security for Those on Front Line
'Betrayal - but Let's Move On'
A Housecleaner's Lament: No Respect
Sifting Through the Ruble Rubble
Independent Kosovo
President's Disgrace
Backpacks Go Big Time In and Out of Classrooms
Support Is Scarce for Abused Polish Women
Cold Water Wash With A Wiggle
Cooling It On Coolness