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Monitor Archive for August 14, 1998

Sports 101
Perils of Life As Overseas Diplomat
An Accidental Tourist
Cell Phone Culture: Who Are These People?
German Green Party Meets Values Shock
Texas Cracks Whip on Water Wasters
Peaceful Coexistence
News In Brief
The Seedy Side Of Beverly Hills
Setting New Goals, but Not the Old Way
'New Rich' Clash With Rocky Mountain Locals
When Ol' Zeus Came a-Calling
In Seattle, Child Prisoners Find Outlet for Art
Voters' Minds - a Long Way From Beltway
Whats On TV
Manning vs. Leaf: Dawn of a Mega Duel?
World's Top Musicians Meet in the Mountains
Shepherds of Japan's Success Are Tainted but Undaunted
Big Step in East Timor
Two Dramas Take on Social, Cultural Differences
Lowly Colorado State Begins to Forget Its Place
The Monitor Movie Guide
Awash in Watercolors
Painter's Work Is Touched by an Angel
Taliban Jars Central Asia
A Walk in the Woods
When Everybody's a Critic: Raising a Ruckus Over Public Art
Kosovo Rebels May Revert to Tactic That Won Early Gains
Presidents and Terrorism
A Horse Is a Horse of Course ... But, Um, the Color of My Wife's Eyes?
Rwanda Needs - and Will Get? - a Buffer Zone
The Silent Minute - And More