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Monitor Archive for July 15, 1998

Taking Responsibility: Japan Puts Americans to Shame
Big Arms Buildup - In Botswana?
Busy Rescue Squad
La Victoire!
Reminder: Bumper-Sticker Haiku
12,000 Years And Counting
Human and Divine Rights
Butterfly Gardening
Tiny red ants and when to redraw your will
Window Treatments Can Help Cheat Outdoor Heat
In Internet Age, Who'll Eavesdrop?
The Common Thread Between a Doll Outfit And Violin Lessons
Of Drifting, Dreams, And Faraway Trains
Dealing With the Dross From a Defunct Colorado Gold Mine
Risky Game in a Russian Republic
A Family's Parade of Lilliputian Pets
Churned Up Over Butter
A Journalistic Wake-Up Call
Chef's Recipe for Food and Family
Surf's Up - Way Up
The Day-Care Guy
A Sad Test of Irish Peace - and Principle
When, Well, 'Mistakes Were Made'
News In Brief
Chess-Loving President Fails To Ignite a Public Passion to Play
Why Israel Delays Its Pullout
It Takes a Village to Raise a Barn
US Busts Up Dams In Bid to Help Fish
Church Pays Off Loan and Creates New Pension Trust