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Monitor Archive for July 14, 1998

Adult Learning Targets Life Experience
Fall of Hashimoto Reverberates in Japan and Around World
Action Figures That Really Act
Man Who Would Be President Hangs On
News In Brief
Fraudulent Card Company Agrees to Pay Students and Parents
Change Of Pace, The Good News About Teaching
Learning From Sand Dollars
A Milestone For Arts Ed
California's Breadbasket Bites Back
Child-Care Workers Begin To Nurture Fledgling Union
Japan's Next Move
The Messenger Gets Scolded
Cool Stuff You Can Make
Memorable Story Moms
In Britain, Forget TV, It's Homework Time
Israel's 'Security' Debate May Ignore Real Threats
A Hard-Line Unionist Leaves Marching for Peacemaking
How Fire Drills Helped Me Run a Smoother Class
Key Swing Vote in 1998: Women
Overhauling the IRS
Summertime's Short, Sweet Courses
Bank Makes 'Wise' Investment - in a School
Inching Toward Justice in Russia
Attention Course Shoppers: Be Choosy
In South Korea, a 'Do-Nothing' Legislature Prolongs Crisis
A New Gallic Conqueror Heads France to Glory