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Monitor Archive for June 9, 1998

Tell Us Your Favorite Book
Recognizing 'Inspired and Selfless Service'
News In Brief
Justices Take Up Limits of Privilege
Inching Along in Metric Europe
Church Meeting Emphasizes Healing
Tied Up
Lessons on Laptops
Are You a Know-It-All? Museums Want You
At One Texas School, Wired Is a Way of Life
The Big Apple Food Fight
Goldwater's Nonpartisan Brand of Honesty
Learning French While Dancing? Students Make the Leap With Panache
Serbian Aggression - Again
Brave Sleuth For Truth In Jakarta
Costs of the Coming Road Boom
Hope and Help
Procrastination 101: Blame It on the Computer
Yen Slips, Japan Frets
Americans Tune Out Spoilsports
Students Shine on Stage, And a School Reaps Benefits
A Futuristic Docent in Dinosaur Hall
A Wake-up for the CIA
Colombia Human Rights Join Drugs on US Radar Screen