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Monitor Archive for June 4, 1998

India Bomb Hits Chord For Hindus
Newt at the Knesset - Pandering or Peacemaking?
$7,000 CD Player? It's Worth It to These Audiophiles
Kiwis Take New Look At Their Vietnam Vets
Budget Feud Reveals Chasm Dividing GOP
'Computer, Listen to Me About My First Draft'
Read a Real Page Turner
Hunger Fight Takes Modern Twist in Sudan
Kosovo Reacts to Serb Shells: A Tactic of Fight and Flight
Vote to Eliminate Bilingual Education In California Resonates Nationwide
Who Plays Paul Revere When a Comet Is Coming?
A Media Watchdog Let Loose on Cyberspace
Beyond Dotty Images: How Computers Paint
Looking at Personal Photos in India Reveals the Self-Image of a Nation
US and Land-Mine Ban
California Trendin'
Walking the Dog
Kosovo at the Brink
K.C. Jones Finds Life After Celtics in ABL
Astronomers Check the Movie
Tale of a Failed Nomination: Lani Guinier Talks Social Justice
It Takes a Neighborhood
Lady Liberty: Just Another Long Wait, and Long Walk
News In Brief
Your Birthright
That Summer On the Edge Of Childhood
Money Loses Big in California