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Monitor Archive for June 23, 1998

News In Brief
Education's Middle Child
Massachusetts Teachers-to-Be Tripped Up on Test
Clinton to China: Delicate Work
Behind The Drive For Middle-School Reform
It Takes More Than Money To Nurture Good Learners
Cat's Cradle Girds the Globe
Picking a Major Or Picking a Life?
As Serbs Make Steady Gains, World Debates Kosovo Tack
'What if' Lingers Over a Good Man
Mining for Gold in Children's Books
Fresh Start in Colombia
As Parents Battle, More Abduct Kids
A Not-So-Deep Impact
Using the Arts to Attract a Diverse Student Body
Guns, Taxes, School Prayer
After N. Ireland Vote - Where to Meet?
Victory Over US Plays Into Iran's Big Debate
Students Get a Closer Look At Roots Of Civil Rights Movement
Court: Schools Aren't Liable for Teacher Harassment
High Marks
Be More Than Streetwise
Alessandro's Worry: Americans Will 'Get' Soccer
Summers In the Bathtub
Apologies for Texas Slaying
20,000 Explorers and Tourists Under the Sea
Schools Find Creative Ways to Pay Teachers