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Monitor Archive for June 16, 1998

Face to Face: Kids Warm Up to Biographies
An Island of Prosperity Amid Asia's Gloom
Protecting the Parks
Praying At School
Parents Go Back to School to Help Their Children
News In Brief
Moms on the Move
Learning to Love Learning, Even if It Isn't Always 'Fun'
So That's What The Principal Looks Like
Solve This Photo Puzzle
Without Job-Training Reform, 'Help Wanted' Is Sign of Future
When Summer Hits, Families Head to School
Going Back to School - 20 Years later
Saving Public Education
Michael Jordan: Substance Triumphs Over Style
Monks Sew Enlightened Fashions
Census Technique Stirs Controversy
Community Colleges Help Out
How Do You Pray?
Should Troops Patrol Border?
NATO's Big Noise Stirs Macedonia
Remedial Ed Loses Ground at Colleges
A Freer Indonesia Ignites Hopes in East Timor
The Mysterious Island
Me Against The Pollsters
Thorny Issues on Trail of Nazi Gold
Women Inventors
New Efforts to Stop Plundering of the World's Past
Becoming a Citizen in Sari, Sombrero, and Suit