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Monitor Archive for May 29, 1998

What's On TV
The Monitor Movie Guide
Uncertain in Kosovo, Turks Find Themselves in the Crossfire
Return the Bells of Balangiga
Macedonia: Regional Buffer or Source of Sparks?
Sports 101
Comfort for the World
News In Brief
On Stage In America
'Lucy' and Other TV Classics Join Families
Ask Not for Whom the Market Booms
US Providing Aid to Battle Central American Wildfires
It's No Mirage: Egyptian Oases Vanishing Fast
A Tough Choice Between Conscience and Heart
Rescue of Russia's Battered Ruble May Be a Job for IMF
Post-Barry Washington
How One Play Finally Made It to Broadway
When Henry VIII's Bed Is Too Short
Clinton: The Early Years
Secrets Of the Avian Heart
Signs of New Planet Cap Big Science Week
Three New Plays Illuminate the Stage
Fighting Crime Against Churches
Bring in 'da Tony Awards
Irish Protestants' Crucial Leap of Faith
The New Nuclear World Order
Pakistan's 'Me, Too'
Making Waves at Cannes
When Rule-Busting Becomes the Norm
The Age of Disco Gets a Curtain Call
Wanting to Know the Unknowable Bibi
Three Ravens in a Tree Are Worth More Than a TV
California Preview of Nation's Political Year
Hong Kong Speaks