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Monitor Archive for May 27, 1998

Vacuum Trucks May Have Chile Breathing Easier
Pro Tennis Players Gear Up for Surface Switches
A Whole New Way Of Seeing Yourself
Backsliding in Beirut? Tension Amid Elections
A New Math in Ulster
With Corporate Weddings, Showers of Pink Slips
An Eye-Opening, Uneven Exchange
Lesson for Hungary's Rulers: 'It's the Economy'
Russia Hopes to Clean Up on Its Dirty Past
States Seek the Next Big Boom: Retirees
Debt - the Next Cause Celebre?
Indian Crisis Raises Wider Issue: How Effective Are Sanctions?
Serving Up Simple, Finger-Lickin' Cookin'
Keeping Up the Ruins
News In Brief
New Mexico's Year of Fiestas Dampened by a Divisive Past
Why Big Nations Turn Inward
Teen Shootings And Media Hype
Cracking Asia's Cozy Ways
A Humble Academic Backlash
Parents Face 'Hostile' Policies in Raising Children
Eco-Activists Try to Find a Political Niche in Chile
Film Hero to Run Philippines As a 'Buddy' of the Masses
Court Rules Against Crack Moms
Costa Rica Plans to Turn Rain Forests Into Greenbacks
Army Returns to Varsity Playing Field
A Gardener in Demi-Paradise
A Dust of Pollen Here And There and Voila!, A New Iris Is Born
Thais Learn Not to Keep Business All in the Family