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Monitor Archive for May 12, 1998

Tobacco Smoke Screens
Religious Freedom - The Often Forgotten Right
Reading, Writing, and Hit Lists
At Dawn or Dusk, Kids Make Time for This Quiz
A 'Seinfeld' Graduation
'Dry' Housing Grows Even as Students Protest Alcohol Bans
How Bush's Presidential Rumblings Play at Home
2-D vs. 3-D Animation
It's Just Like 'Jeopardy!' Only With a Team
Clinging Scandal Diverts the President
Children Get a New Artistic Palette in Just a Click or Two
Report Card On Reform Efforts In US Schools
Grateful Berlin Recalls US Rescue
Got a Complainer in Your Crew? Try Creating Gripe-Free Days
Bringing Wallace & Gromit
'Superfirms' Take Over In Global Age
Remembering Rwanda
Carmen Sandiego Strikes Again
India Rattles Nuke Saber
Rwanda's Orphans Find A Home -With One Another
737 Inspections Remedy Blind Spot in Air Safety
Teaching Yourself. A Course of One's Own
Reflections on American Vs. European Education
Colleges May Need to Do More Than 'Just Say No'
News In Brief
Squirrel Alert