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Monitor Archive for April 7, 1998

What's Chocolate, Australian, And Not the Easter Bunny?
Offsets, Anyone?
TV Time In Classrooms
Social Security: Going Private?
Distance Learning? Video Classes? No Thanks.
Go on a Date? Can't We Just Sorta Have Lunch?
The Readers Scold - and I Listen
When Holland Went Wild
Veterans Bypass Education Benefits After Military Tour
Mid-Career Shifts To Teaching: Do Homework First
Makeover in Mississippi
Hong Kong's 'Rush Limbaugh' Puts New Chinese Rulers Up the Wall
High-Pressure Choices - for Kindergarten?
Railroad Snarls in Southwest Cost Texas Businesses Big Bucks
Oxford Feels A Degree of Desperation
In Arkansas, Teach for America Recruits Add Zip to School Day
News In Brief
Clearing the Air About Sex on Campus
Post-Clinton Africa: The Wait Begins
New World of Behemoth Banking
Hip Image Cloaks Lithuania's Past
Colleges Seek Ways to Prevent Suicides
On the Front Burner
Koreas Talk in Shadows
Technical Rulings Mark Quiet High-Court Term
Some Advice