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Monitor Archive for April 22, 1998

Sheltering Kids in Slums With a One-Stop Center
Why Clinton's Cabinet Eyes Exit Signs
Old Issues of Black and White Stir Up the New South Africa
Brazil Trains Teachers via Satellite
Golf's 'Tradition' Handicap
Ted Turner Gift Poised To Boost UN
Competing to Be Asia's No. 2
News In Brief
A Kid's-Eye View Of the Work World
Microsoft Court Battle: Unfair Competition or Free Enterprise? BY Associated Press
US Must Accept Its Foreign Obligations
Blair: Now, the Mideast
Repressive Religion Law Has Russian Faithful on Edge
With Rebels on Run, Turkey Gets Tougher
Grace Under Pressure
A Little Bit of Burma in the Wilds of Scotland
Earth Day Has Helped Turn America 'Green'
Learning to Say Community - In Any Language
Power Heads Back to Beltway
In Australia, Wheeler-Dealer vs. Grande Dame
At Least They Talked
Cappadocia's Rocky, Remarkable Past
Maine Town Builds a 'Kitchen' To Keep Kids From Trouble
A Daughter's Choice, a Parent's Legacy
Putting Heart to Pen: Letters That Reflect a Nation
One State's Awakening On Alcohol
How Indonesia Puts a Silent Hand on Those Who Talk Politics
Historical Photos of West Indies Challenge Racial Stereotypes
The Smile That Melts The Walls Around My Heart
City Beautification Plan Irks Chicago Papers