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Monitor Archive for April 2, 1998

The Monitor's Guide to Bestsellers
Alfred Hitchcock Had Nothing on These Birds
Illinois Weighs Four Strikes and You're Out
Collard Greens and Cabbage
Early Bloom
East Jeers West Over Explorer
Asian Air Crashes Trigger Safety Stir
A Miracle?
E Pluribus Unum Is Better Than Ethnic Separateness
Flo's Smothered Chicken
News In Brief
The Trick of Predicting the 'Random'
Savanna Red Rice
In Early Spring
Up the Creek, While Going Down It
German Project Breaks the Catch-22 of No Home, No Job
Ever Stricter on Drunk Driving
Pondering Jonesboro: Consider Gender
Red Pepper Corn Bread
Missing: Two Navy Boats and Billions in Government Assets
Soul Food Captures a Cultural Spirit and Flavor
Why US Sticks With Foreign Policy by Coalition
Words of Note
The 'New Kids' Aren't Kids Anymore
Dog Days of ... Spring?
As CD-ROM Books Mature, They Become Full Teaching Tools
South Beach Deco
View of Post-Affirmative-Action America
Reform Will Return
Churches and Accessibility
Punishing the Young
How Black Americans See Clinton Trip
Fewer Alligator Births Raise Concern of Florida Pollution
Major Airline Accidents Worldwide in 1998: All in Asia
Albania Torn Over Brethren's Plight Next Door
Uprooted Flee to Moscow, But Welcome Mat Is Thin