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Monitor Archive for March 17, 1998

Nursery School Blues
Revolving Door at City Hall Slows Miami's Revival
What Does It Take to Teach
Is There Really A Teacher Shortage?
Hindu Nationalists' Foreign Impact
Mayor Giuliani May Audition for Role on Larger Political Stage
Forget the Clover, Celebrate Lilt of Ideas
More Global Stuff for Kids: Australia Gives 'Bananas' to the World
Leave English At Home When Taking a Language
'Hindu First' Party Arrives
Clinton's Teflon Is Tested Yet Again
A Web Surfer's Unthinkable Act: Using the Library
Britain: 'Spice' Is Out, 'Tubbies' In
Make Way For Education
Where Will We Find Tomorrow's Teachers
Mandating A Colorful Canon
News In Brief
Price of Rice vs. Price of Politics as Usual in Jakarta
New Grail: Sitter For Friday Night
Hey Parents: Grab a Book And Join the Reading Group
Only the President ...
American Contradictions
A White House Indiscretion Is a Betrayal of Family Values
Give Me an 'A,' Professor - I'll Give You One, Too