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Monitor Archive for February 18, 1998

Curbing Global Warming, Not Prosperity
Principle and Healing
When Toddlers Tune In to CNN, Should Parents Worry?
News In Brief
Jacksonville Rides Jaguars Into an Age of 'Urban Cachet'
Cross Country: One Person Against Wild
Like Titanic, to Run Full Speed Ahead Is to Court Environmental Disaster
For Tijuana's Imagemakers, Name Game Is Serious Business
Families Can Visit The 'Cybrary' For Best of the Web
The Age Of Casting No Stones
Moving Slowly on the Info Highway? One Internet Explorer Tries a Class
The Jewels of Winter
Persephone's Lament
Miami May Put Students to the Test - For Drug Use
Math Chat
Ideal Drug 'Mules': Young, American Women
If Diplomacy Fails, Steely Resolve Required
Why Salami Tactics Have Worked for Saddam
Reining In Ireland's 'Compo Culture'
From Himalayas to Tropics, 605 Million Voters
Drug Couriers Pay a High Price For 'Easy Money'
Gandhi May Swing India Vote
At Home With Words
One More Try at Fund-Raising Reform
How the Cold War Never Became a Nuclear War
Why Clinton Calls Suharto
Making the Case for Bombing
Calling All Backyard Bird Counters
Heirs of Christian Right Push Agenda Harder With GOP
Why Do Americans Get Short-Changed On Maternity Leave?
A Graceful and Daring Novel About Old Age
'Parent' Nations and Peace