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Monitor Archive for February 10, 1998

Resilient South Asia Politician Positions For a Comeback
Stolen Art and How to Avoid Buying It
Waste Watching
Art World Wary of New Rules
Money Talks in Keeping US in Okinawa
The Bitter Beginning of Cocoa
When the 'Good Ole Boy' Is a Girl
Mmmmaking Chocolate
'Roomy' and 'Convenient' Aside, Tall Cars Are Really About Power
Flower Origins Carry Scent of Mystery
World Reaps Benefits Of Economic Reform
Mike McCurry: Media 'Piata' to the President
Flag Flap in El Paso Is Borderline Dispute
How to Defuse the Financial-Aid Time Bomb ...
How US May Lose Grip on Iraq
Reviving Indonesia: Austerity or Liquidity?
Danger From Russia's Scientists: Selling Weapons Know-How
Blight Imperils Western Pines
Can Legos That Move Unseat Beanie Babies In the Toy Chest?
Were You Falsely Accused?
News In Brief
Big Auction Houses Take Closer Look at Issue of Ethics
Two-Front Battle
Indonesia's Chinese Try To Avoid Being Targets
Kate Starbird Goes From College Heights To Pro Hoops 101
Buying Freedom - $100 Each - for Sudan's Slaves
Athletes and Hosts Bow to the Weather
Straight Talk From Ann Richards
Why Johnny Has to Have THOSE Sneakers
... And Infuse Education With More Spiritual Values
Suharto's Army Prepares to Deal With the Hungry