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Monitor Archive for December 8, 1998

If you want to go far afield, find an undergrad research grant
Make way for urbanites
As democracy returns to Nigeria, Muslims are sticking to religion
Make Room for Art
Independent Counsels
Puzzle me this. . . .
The Bush power family
News In Brief
The history behind the Salvation Army - and its bell ringers
US sees growth in foreign student enrollment - for now
Tangled up
Evaluating the evaluators
Today's Story Line:
Mugabe's dictatorship erodes
Link to US Indian origins
Seeking asteroids, finding more
America's Asian markets expand into superstores
A dash for 'e-cash' in Europe
Getting inn on the action
Does paid prep raise SAT scores?
Protest and prayer in a redwood perch
Summit offers insight into US values
Move grows to clip special counsels' reach
First evidence of pollution sullying other continents
Help for Land-Mine Survivors
The Grinch didn't steal my Christmas
Rolling back stiff drug sentences