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Monitor Archive for December 31, 1998

Those resolutions
New Year for the World
Two Russian Brothers
Egypt's crackdown on rights groups reverberates in region
A fashion dud finally fits in
Saving species, ruffling some feathers
Byrd will hold Senate to the letter of the parchment
Wildlife reserves go underwater
The endings, they're the best parts
A legendary ballet makes more history
A pair of comrades in arms
Florida conch to try a comeback
Year-end flicks focus on family struggles
Religious practices vs. work demands
... And the US
Whats on TV
A sporadic, singular career
China hits at e-mail to curb dissent
News In Brief
After 25 years, still protecting endangered species
The communist's manifesto on computers
Sports 101
Printmaking pioneer does it her way
How to keep NATO credible?
Jumping into 1999 - on schedule
Ditch bowl-game charade for legitimate playoffs
Growing up a 'Yidl in the middle'
'Digital Age' skirts rural America
Today's Story Line:
Turning a bombing range into a spiritual homeland
Dickens's last complete novel shines on the small screen
W. Smith, via e-mail, asks .... , 'Whatever happened to ...?' Edwin Meese
The decade of 'Seinfeld' and cyber-everything