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Monitor Archive for December 30, 1998

Galloping lawlessness sweeps former Soviet lands
A feast of books
Side dishes that attracted notice this year
Strike up the band!
Rut busting
Big Easy: case study in how to curb crime
Bedtime stories with a old twist
The 'Arab Street' counts
Snow-kissed journey to another world
Simple foods without apology
Thinking about a tattoo? Better think again.
Commit to a mission that stirs your soul
Britain shrugs at new invader: the euro
Keeping Peace Alive
Monitor Top 10 picks for 1998
Bosnia: three years into the peace process
Raising the money to march
Grand Canyon's plan to stay grand will echo across US
Senate: a Different Ballgame
After '98 (whew), a peek at '99
Clinton censure likely?
News In Brief
Hairline cracks in patio call for cosmetic changes
The putterers plant themselves
Russia oligarchs: poorer but ...
From the momentary to the long-range
Got toxics in the earth? Try 'steam cleaning' it
Today's Story Line:
Reforming convicts through Scripture