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Monitor Archive for December 22, 1998

News In Brief
Public schools, private giving
What's behind Arab backlash
Oil: Buy Low, Sell High
Reinventing the wheel in the senate
Time for another Goldwater mission
All aboard for a richer Christmastide
In China-Taiwan standoff, a key retreat
Christmas market brings good cheer to Dresden
A year of reconciliation
Critics whipsaw the Forest Service
Ice sculptors move frozen water well beyond the cube
As N. Ireland gets a government, the IRA is pressured to disarm
Israel vote may reset peace path
Crises and the Economy
Three teachers and lots of hope
More look into the 'why' of celebrations
An enthusiastic player finds out 'football isn't everything'
And the winners are....
Two views of US political future
Today's Story Line:
Now it's the Senate's turn to talk censure
Never too late to pray