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Monitor Archive for December 2, 1998

The habits of crows
Today's Story Line
Hottest toys in America
Is holiday spending hiding economy's flaws?
When withholding enriches
After the first one, it's easy
Not just a world cop, US spends big to keep peace
Out of Siberia, two brothers set to challenge Moscow
Spiritual authority and healing
Fun doesn't always require microchips
Shuttle mission launches a new era in spaceflight
Indian rights and traditions hang in balance
Pinning guilt on Pinochet
Good cause, bad legislation
Two oil giants seek refuge as one
A Quebec vote on separation unlikely
What makes Saddam run?
Superpower Needs Assistance
Catalog porn?
Sharing a roof and a way of life
A bountiful harvest of ha-has
Deterring pesky woodpeckers and getting off mailing lists
The frosty moment called for ice cream
News In Brief
Africa's huge, harsh land of hope
Teens get their hands on city purse strings
Quebec's Vote
Probe of Clinton takes new turn