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Monitor Archive for December 17, 1998

Corporations follow the sun
Dante dials 911
Babes in virtual land are advertisers' new toys
Searching for cures and direction?
From the trash can the catwalk
Today's Story Line:
Trawling blamed for loss of marine habitat
Holiday Greetings From the Monitor Staff
Clinton's collision with history
Enter the Euro
A first sex-harassment case still awaits its finale
News In Brief
A. Sosa of Providence, R.I., asks, 'Whatever happened to ...?'
Impending US airstrike calls casualties into question
From private struggles to public crisis
Another Saddam Showdown
Never closed
Unity eludes Russia's reformers
Count on mathematics to subtract the mystery from life
New vice squads troll the Web for child porn
Rebuilding 'authority' in Russian
The Vote
The Belle of Amherst
The silver screen glitters with gold
Volcano watch
Unclip these words
Friends strike out in dark comedy
Africa's 7-nation, 4-month war and how to tell who's winning
Charisma overwhelms a good man's revulsion
What really matters today HL IMPEACHMENT:
Dampening Student Drinking
'Oh, I didn't know a real person would answer'
Math, and the father-son equation
What to do about bears in the backyard
Less diplomacy, faster reaction in each Iraq crisis