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Monitor Archive for December 15, 1998

Today's Story Line:
Students aren't the only ones who should keep a journal
Readers wax, wane, wax again on Clinton
A lobbying onslaught over impeachment vote
Texas law vs. treaty
Admissions officer - or supersleuth?
Science on the sidewalk: a brief tour
Chile's generals on the skids?
Clinton nods to a Palestinian 'land'
More Americans explore a once-hushed topic: death
Ivory ban may bend, but nobody's buying
Slowing the Flow of Arms
New magazines make history sparkle for kids
Virtues of work vs. finishing homework
And Laying Aside the Gun
Puerto Rico's future as state remains fuzzy
Outer space may open for business
Israel's 'scorched-earth tactic' in Lebanon raises alarms
Alto! Arrt! Stop!
Can you name the real title of that famous Christmas poem?
Effect on Clinton's ability to lead
What gets you going?
News In Brief
'Naming and shaming'
On schools' minds: competitors and parents
High drama in the office of admissions