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Monitor Archive for November 27, 1998

CNN effect: edge-of-seat diplomacy
A Thanksgiving feast of fun flicks
What makes a good sitcom? Strong writing
Home economics: If Emily Dickinson had a PC ...
Middle East's new battle lines
Quebec may opt for 'trust'
Down to disarming in Northern Ireland
The gift of forgiving
'Tis the season for movies
Sports 101
What's On TV
For kid tunes, 'bugs' and 'rats' rule
The personal toll of making peace in the West Bank
Indonesia's Drama
Animal activists vs. furriers: now it's all in the label
Bit by bit, Americans feel safer
TV sleaze and Oprah's 'Beloved'
Climb, Crawl, Explore
News In Brief
Ski resorts cut prices to bring locals back
What's next for Chile's Pinochet
Needed Probes
Art on the move, and on the barn
Prying open 'top secret' US safe
Talking and talking about weather
Today's Story Line:
Why Maine had a Boston but no Pilgrims
The Monitor Movie Guide
Beetlemania comes home
All they want for Christmas is workers
Behind the dreadlocks: A man with a message
Gazing into the next millennium