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Monitor Archive for November 20, 1998

GOP governors preach pragmatism as way to revive national standing
How drug testing has changed the job market
When song tells a timeless story
TV in black and white
Sports 101
Bringing serious theater to the home of glitz
Today's Story Line:
There, almost
A defense of Europe without US
High-octane paranoia
School reform and Scarecrow's diploma
Outsider claws its way into college football elite
New portraits of the King
Mr. Clinton goes to Tokyo - and wows them
Wie Geht's, Bill Gates
Forgotten gems live on video
Nashville's Allison Moorer earns her spurs
The Monitor Movie Guide
Uzbeks try to blunt Islam's rise
A Monitor Reader Survey
This has been a great year for TV's 'mute' button
Gloom over US agriculture is lifting
'Sunrise' for home base in space
News In Brief
Ticktock, we find our 'dream' clock
What's On TV:
Rush to the Center
To the brink to see who blinks
Mozart 'debuts' as a collaborator
To Starr, a pattern of 'obstruction'
Russia hard times a boon to native peoples
First woman at helm helps boys change tune