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Monitor Archive for November 17, 1998

The Israel gas-mask-go-round
The oil vs. latex paint debate, and the browning of a lawn
Honk (softly) if you love haiku
Tobacco deal: boost for states, but it may not curb smoking
Starr finally enters the chamber
What House will do under new leadership
When in Spain...
US bullies from a pulpit that Asia may not heed
Damaged Bully Pulpit?
News In Brief
Politics of redemption: Can Gingrich rebound?
A realigned Mideast jolted Iraq's game plan
A school's revolution in reading
It's wrong to rehabilitate McCarthy - even if he was right
Social Security privatization can work
House with an IQ
Today's Story Line:
What's your IQ? Does it really matter?
Keep buses rolling, or roll them back
DNA gets the final word - sort of
David and Goliath in Africa
What's to protest in 'Siege'?
Don't Give Up on Russia
Caught in a revolving door: Japan's migrants
Rockwell's Thanksgiving meets the jet age
Welfare recipients face uphill education battle
Hemings descendants stand by family histories
Smoking, drinking, and spending
The gardens grow quiet
Testing ground for doctor-assisted suicide
The perfect American wife, Korean-style
US court takes up role of 'snitch' testimony
A teen mom's path out of abuse
How should US handle Iraq? George Bush wrote the book
A yen to impress Japan's markets
Seeking the perfect school
Policing the Shrewd Despots
Fire meets flavor in Thai food
States hit height of boom cycle
Will Iraq conceal or cooperate?
What really happens in a two-way bilingual classroom
Blasting the 'what ifs'
Kosovo and the winter lull
News In Brief
The true story of noble Star, a 'people' horse
New economics of nanny care: $800 a week
Today's Storyine . . .
Distant Germans feel pull of 'homeland'
Cards with your hallmark
As economy steadies, is rate cut necessary?
Moviemakers flee costs of filming in Hollywood
Color me purple
US troops escape Okinawa voter wrath