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Monitor Archive for November 13, 1998

News In Brief
Sports 101
In Search Of Potluck Perfection
TV Goes Bump in the Night
Burgeoning Ballot Issues
All's Fair in Love - and College Football?
Allen's 'Celebrity': Lots of Stars, Less Substance
A Do-Something Congress
Spain's Basques See N. Ireland As Peace Model
Sports Salaries Soar, Impact On Fans Grows
Republicans Begin Task of Mending a Torn Party
In California, Taking the Initiative - Online
The Colorful Tale Of a Homing Woodchuck
What's On TV
Celebrating A Noble Space
Ancient Bombay Feels the Hook
A Juggler Extraordinaire
'I'll Take Boston For $200, Alex'
Star Peter Horton Finds Spiritual Themes in 'Brimstone'
Inspecting Iraq: Chapter Closed?
Never Come Up Empty
A Political Consultant's Tarnished Looking Glass
Seattle Lights Up a Sound-sational New Hall
Parsing Jefferson, Race, History
When Crime Has the Voice of a Cause
Puerto Rico: Back Door For Drug Trafficking in US
The Monitor Movie Guide
Climate Talks Leave Question: Who Runs Earth's Thermostat?
In Fairy-Tale 'Meet Joe Black' Death Overstays His Holiday
Penciling In Time to Play