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Monitor Archive for November 12, 1998

Lindbergh's Daughter Reveals The Private Side of the Legend
Keep a Sense of Humor
Prince Charles Airs Plans to Modernize Britain's Monarchy
Jerusalem's Future Not Found in Ballots
Elephants Rule
The EU's Privacy Law
Books On Books
News In Brief
In Canada, Solving Youth Crime Tribal Way
Despite US Aid, Dire Russian Winter
Ontario's Planned Super-Jails Worry Prison Reformers
Crusade To Curb Girl Gangs
Whaling Standoff in Neah Bay
The Case of the Tricky, Scene-Stealing Spouse
New Face, Style To Lead House
Nuclear Power Sees Itself in New Light
Nine Nobelists, One Room
Can We Live With Africa's Wildlife?
Talk-Show Host Listens To Why People Pray
Lindbergh's Turbulent Flight Through Sky-High Fame
Flawed Concept: Forcing Public Schools to 'Compete'
Internet Access and New Copyright Law Head for a Collision
When Minors Break the Law
On Iraq: Limits of a Cruise-Missile 'Solution'
P. Ensign of Miami, Fla., asks, 'Whatever happened to ...?' The Cracker Jack Clicker
Children and Guns
World of Dance Finally Recorded
The Latest Great American Novel
A Little Boy's Knack For Making Green