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Monitor Archive for October 8, 1998

Consequences in Kosovo
The Monitor's Guide To Bestsellers
Tell-All Culture Wonders, What Are the Limits?
Japan's Search for Spirituality
In Turkey, Fashionable Devotion
Economists Utter the 'R' Word
Everyday Oddities
Congress Probes a Sasser Business Deal
Why Books Aren't Extinct
Crackdown on a Global Terrorist Ring
The Pungent Smell Of a Rancid Friendship
TV's Top 20 Faces
If It Reaches the Senate, the Chief Justice Is Ready
Small-Town Girl Battles TV Slime
Why Congress Budget Train Is Seldom on Time
A Test of Credibility For House Inquiry
Indonesians Brace for Rapid Descent Into Poverty
A View of History From Two Men Who Made It
A Literary Mantle
R.L. Puffer, via e-mail, asks, 'Whatever happened to ...?' New Coke
Clergy Unite, Urging Followers To Oppose the Death Penalty
News In Brief
President Khatami's Discourse With the American People
How They Pick the Nobel Prize in Literature
Graceful Go-Between Oversaw Historic Shift in US-China Ties