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Monitor Archive for October 6, 1998

A (Quiet) Night Back at School
Centuries of Confusion
News In Brief
Big Engines That Could
A Town to Watch
Is Privacy Violated When Police Peep Through Windows?
Csar Chvez Academy Dips Into the Melting Pot
Privacy in an Information Age
This Sharp-Tongued 'Shoeshine' Keeps the Mighty on Their Toes
Army Toughens Regimen to Retain Co-ed Training
Turnaround Team
Kansas State Scholars Give Ivies Some Competition
Germany's New Future Erases Cold-War Wall
Controlled by God - Not by Drinking
US Jobs Are Pink-Slipping Away
Baseball Heroes And Ancient Gods
The Self-Marketing 'Game': Be Honest About Who You Are
Autos, 'Big Oil' Get Earth-Friendly
For Travel, Trench Coat, Call the CIA
Black Pride Drives This Public School
Quiet Beauty Emerges in Northern Ireland
Challenges for South's Reigning 'Queen'
Copycat Poisonings Erode Japanese's 'Invisible Trust'
Amazing Mazes