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Monitor Archive for October 5, 1998

As States Shift Primary Dates, Presidential Nomination Is a Sprint
US Calls for More Aid to Rescue World Markets
Pass the Banking Bill
Saving Endangered Species - and Much, Much More
Why It's Helpful to Live In a City That Loves Its Team
The New Dimensions of Global Terrorism
Regional Funds Struggle to Compete
When to Use the 'S' Word: Sell
Transported By Uncle Otto
Long-Term Funds, Short-Term Needs
Agony And Egg-stacy
Harassment, Welfare Top Court's Docket
Help for Farmers
News In Brief
The Right Sectors Getting Harder to Find
Step Lightly
Anti-Christian Violence in India Builds on Fear of Conversions
Waking in the City
Weighing Options vs. Serbs
Videos: Who Makes Final Cut?
Calls for More Compassion, Less Discipline
Economic Crisis in Korea Pushes Many Into Farming
Europe Still Looks Bright - but No Longer Stellar
When a Presidency Is Squeezed
Britain Plans to Rescue Its Endangered Families
Investors Find Bonds No Longer Boring
Pray for Kosovo